This gadget provides a super fast way to visualize and cluster large sets of addresses on Google Maps from a Google SpreadSheet. Such as the below (you can pan and zoom in the map). You can also use it as a javascript library (see below).

The gadget will not load if you're outside the Google Intranet. You can see this other demo instead.


See this screenshot and this other screenshot.

How to use this gadget?

Creating a Google Spreadsheet

  1. Go to Google Spreadsheets at http://docs.google.com.
  2. Log in with your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, create one here.
  3. Click on Upload
  4. Choose the file that you want to upload.

Adding the Gadget to a Spreadsheet

  1. Open a Google spreadsheet that has addresses.
  2. Select the cells that you want to appear inside your map
  3. On the "Insert" menu, select "Gadget"
  4. Click on "Custom"
  5. Write the URL: http://mapcluster.appspot.com/gadget/index.xml
  6. Click on "Spreadsheet Mapper Gadget"

How to Configure the Gadget

If the gadget does not display anything, it's probably because a required field is misconfigured. Here are the 3 required fields:

  1. Range - the cells selected for processing in the gadget
  2. Address Column - this column should contain address in a format like "1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA" (without the quotes)
  3. Category Column - Based on the "category" attribute, points are assigned different colors differently and a legend is also generated.
You can also specify optional fields:
  1. Description Column - The content of this column will be displayed in the bubble if you click on a terminal node
  2. Minimum spacing between clusters - The minimum spacing (in pixels) between the clusters

Source code

The clustering and visualizing files are available as two seperate javascript files hosted on Google code:

  1. clustermap - A collection of clustering algorithms implemented in Javascript and open sourced under the MIT licence
  2. figue - The content of this column will be displayed in the bubble if you click on a terminal node

Feedback and Contact

If you have problems with the gadget or the libraries, send me an email at jydelort %at% gmail %dot% com.